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Keeping our Patrons Safe

Health & Safety Protocols

Revised February 25, 2022

After reviewing equivalent organizations in the region, and weighing policies from state and county health departments, Chapman Cultural Center is updating our health and safety policies effective immediately:

1) Masks will no longer be mandated for the theater; rather masks will be recommended while in attendance

2) Concessions will be allowed in the theater rather than just in the lobby

3) Hallways and public spaces directly managed by CCC will be mask recommended zones, rather than required

4) Individual organizations located inside the Chapman Cultural Center may create their own mask policies including the galleries, museums, offices, and classroom spaces, thus masks may still be required in certain areas. 

As has been the case for the last two years, our policies are flexible as situations arise. We recommend social distancing be followed when possible and recognize that if conditions or medical advice change, we will not hesitate to update our policies once again.

Chapman Cultural Center Theater Policies



Chapman Cultural Center has upgraded our HVAC system to increase filtration and allow increased fresh air introduction into the theater to help reduce airborne particles and pathogens.






A face covering is recommended but not required for entry into the Chapman Cultural Center. Organizations located inside Chapman Cultural Center may have their own mask policies including galleries, museums, offices, and classroom spaces, so masks may still be required in some areas.






During theatre shows, additional bathrooms will be available in our West Wing (Carlos Dupree Moseley Building) to mitigate close contact between patrons.