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Peter Schmunk, Music and the Photographic Image

May 1-28, 2018 / All Day

Calendar: Exhibit
Categories: Visual Art
Age Groups: All

Guild Gallery May 1-29 

Art Walk Reception May 17 5 pm to 8 pm

For several years now, I have sought to use the medium of photography to give visual form to ideas related to music.  These ideas vary widely, from concepts of musical structure and the expressive character of particular works of music to the imagery of music that one sees in advertising and graffiti, what I call the music of the street.  Most of my “musical” photographs contain abstract imagery.  With patterns of line, shape, and color, I seek to convey meaning in ways analogous to the organization of music.  Many of my photographic works include multiple images, arranged in horizontal sequences to suggest the unfolding of sound in time.  Some photographs have been given titles taken from the terminology of music.  In one instance, I have attempted to visualize a concert experience with a series of images.  The live performance of music will a part of the opening reception for this exhibition.

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