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Jeremy Kemp

Jun 1-27, 2017 / All Day

Calendar: Exhibit
Categories: Visual Art

Artist Guild of Spartanburg presents Jeremy Kemp.

From an early age, Jeremy Kemp has been drawn to Kustom Kulture. He grew up appreciating the works of Rick Griffin, Zap Comics, and Tales from the Tube. He would raid his father's collection of vinyl albums to study the cover art from an eclectic blend of psychedelic rock, folk, and jazz albums. Listening to these albums and drawing would shape his interest and style.

At 20 years of age, Jeremy got the opportunity to work at Pop Shop Airbrushing with Larry Latham, who is also a Rick Griffin fan.  Larry taught him how to airbrush, a skill that he would use for the next 17 years to make his living.  

Jeremy has slowly built a clientele that seeks him out for his unique style and his drive to make his customers happy. He is currently working on perfecting his gold leaf skills. After years of shying away from this craft, he decided it was time to expand his portfolio. “I like the variegated leaf, I like all the crazy patterns in it. It has a tie dye look to it.” Jeremy says as he describes his intent to always keep his designs groovy and interesting.

Jeremy lives in Spartanburg, SC with his wife and his two sons.

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