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SAM | Anagama (Wood Fired) Ceramics

Saturdays, July 29th - September 2nd

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Categories: Visual Art
Age Groups: Senior Citizens , Adults

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ANAGAMA (WOOD FIRING) CERAMICS                          
Saturdays, July 29 – Aug 12th in SAM’s Ceramics Studio • 9 am - 12 noon 
August 24th – 27th offsite Anagama kiln loading and firing 
Saturday, September 2nd – unload kiln and critic offsite (time to be determined) 
SAM members $325; non-members $360

The term Anagama is a Japanese term for a single-chamber wood firing kiln. Join us for this specially designed class that brings together three local Anagama experts. Robert Woods will lecture about the history of Anagama, teach students the basic hands on forming techniques as well as how to use Slip, Shino and Ash Glazes. Guest artist, Sue Grier will teach students how to create pottery for Ikebana (Japanese Flower arranging). Lastly, students will witness the very first firing and participate in the loading and wood stoking of a brand new Anagama kiln built by local potter Rob Gentry. Class fee includes 25 lbs. of cone 10 clay, all glazes and the wood firing fee for the Anagama kiln.