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Intertwine | Ballet Spartanburg

Mar 23, 2023 / 7:30pm - 9:30 pm

Calendar: Event/Performance
Categories: Dance
Age Groups: All

Introducing Brandon "BJ" Randal, professional Dancer with the Mark Morris Dance Company of Brooklyn, NY. BJ's piece, Dauson's Gospel, is set to breathtaking African American spirituals. "We have this profound narrative in Dauson's Gospel that is poignant, relatable, human and ethereal," BJ Randal shares. We agree. This piece is a must see.

Connecting community through collaborations strengthens voices through diversity. Intertwine celebrates the ethereal quality of the classics to the transformative fluidity of contemporary to the deep rooted spirit of gospel. This DanSynergy series, a vision of Carlos Agudelo’s is a must see event. Join us as music and dance bring us together as one.


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