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Scrappy Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet in Spartanburg's Downtown Cultural District

Every Thursday until Jul 19, 2018 / 7:30pm - 9 pm

Calendar: Event/Performance
Categories: Theatre
Age Groups: All

This year's raucous production of Romeo & Juliet is part rock concert, part immersive theatre. With
three years of productions under its belt, Scrappy Shakespeare is pushing forward with its most
innovative, exciting, and brave production. Fully mobile, this show will play at more than 8 venues in
Spartanburg and beyond. In June the show will travel to various breweries, bars, and public spaces. The
July run will take place in the courtyard of 100 Dunbar St. that stands adjacent to Magnolia St, and at
Harvest Park on Spartanburg’s Northside.

Company description:
Founded in 2015, Scrappy Shakespeare is a small group of professional theatre-makers staging
productions of Shakespeare’s plays that are free and open to the public. We do so under the guiding
principle that what makes theatre an exciting experience is the athleticism of the actor and relationship
between the performers and the audience. These members of the small company (9 artists for 2018)
play every role, handle all technical duties, provide music, and handle all of the administrative work of
running a theatre company. We also simplify all technical aspects of the show, focusing on storytelling
and the communal atmosphere of the theatrical event.

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