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February 06, 2024 | Features

We are thrilled to announce that Tipton Jones-Boiter, Mean Joel Green, and Joel Michael Burton of the incredible band Remedy58 emerged victorious at our inaugural Battle of the Bands competition!

The Battle of the Bands, presented by the Chapman Cultural Center, was conceived with the vision of connecting songwriters and performers of original music to wider audiences. This event provided a platform for local musicians to showcase their talent, and the grand prize included a substantial $5,000 cash award along with a $1,200 budget to record a single in a professional studio.

Out of ten outstanding bands that were selected to compete, Remedy58 claimed the top spot and earned the well-deserved title!

A Message from Remedy58:

In the aftermath of their exhilarating win, Remedy58 shared their thoughts:

"A little more info... we are stoked to have won Chapman Cultural Center's Battle of the Bands last night! We've only been in a handful of competitions (one we had no idea we were even in), but we've never won. We went in last night thinking this would be fun, and we would get to enjoy listening to other bands, but weren't really expecting to win. The other bands were really good too, which made us even more unsure where we stood... but we won! First, we want to thank Chapman Cultural Center for putting this event on and also all of the cool things they do for the arts and the community."

What's Next for Remedy58?

As the grand prize winners, Remedy58 not only secures $5,000 but also the opportunity to collaborate with Brad Phillips and his team at Studio 101 to write and produce a new single! The entire journey will be documented by the Chapman Cultural Center, serving as a source of education and inspiration for other writers and performers.

We invite you to explore more about the Battle of the Bands and join us in celebrating the success of Remedy58 by visiting our website:

Congratulations once again to Remedy58 for their outstanding achievement, and we look forward to witnessing their continued musical journey!

Visit Remedy58 here:

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