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INVESTING IN OUR TEACHERS: CCC Hosts 29th Annual Muse Machine STEAM Institute

Last week Chapman Cultural Center hosted our 29th annual Muse Machine STEAM Institute, a three-credit-hour graduate course for teachers from around South Carolina.  

We had 21 teachers on campus all week learning new ways to inspire and challenge their students through the arts!

Dr. Derek Fenner, Art Professor at USC Upstate, and master teacher/visual artist Cindy Riddle were the instructors for the week. There were also guest presenters, including dance specialist Kellianne Floyd and percussion artist Jeff Holland!

The program is currently funded by a grant from the SC Department of Education, with our local education sponsor Milliken. CCC Education Director Ava Hughes says "I feel that, especially since Covid, teachers need to nurture their own creative spirits in order to foster creativity in their students."

About Our Institute:

For more than 20 years, Chapman Cultural Center has presented a three-credit-hour graduate course for teachers from around South Carolina. The Muse Machine Institute is focused on creativity and arts integration, as well as on Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences and STEAM (science/technology/engineering/arts/math), to help teachers find new ways to teach any classroom subject through the arts. Through our participation in the John F. Kennedy Center Partners in Education Program, as well as serving on several state-wide boards, we are able to stay ahead of the next big thing.

In selecting themes for our Institute, we constantly try to stay ahead of the curve, to remain relevant, and to address topics that equip South Carolina educators to face coming trends in education, while keeping the focus on the importance of the arts in producing well-rounded students.

The Muse Machine STEAM Institute wishes to thank the following sponsors:

  • Chapman Cultural Center
  • Kennedy Center Partners in Education
  • Milliken
  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • S. C. Arts Commission
  • S. C. Dept. of Education
  • USC Upstate
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