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April 06, 2023 | Features

Whether on the fridge or in your workspace, the simple act of showcasing your child’s artwork is a big deal with lifelong benefits. Your child will grow up with fond memories of having their art presented, plus they will know they have always had your support. 

Here are three reasons to display your child’s artwork:

Makes Memories

Kids remember everything! Some of the most cherished memories your child will have as an adult will be from their artwork displayed throughout your home, office, or workspace. By displaying their work in a prominent and accessible location, you are helping to ensure that these positive memories live on.

Shows Support 

When you display your child’s artwork, you’re acknowledging their talent and showcasing their hard work. This shows them that you value their creativity and effort, and it boosts their self-esteem. They can walk into your home or office and feel proud to have created something special for you, knowing that YOU think it’s special, too.

Keeps You Engaged with Your Child

When you hang your child's artwork, you will be more likely to take notice of their brushstrokes, favorite colors, and improvements as they grow. You will get to tap into your child's imagination and what interests them. Displaying their artwork allows you to be more engaged in their creativity and improvement.

CHECK OUT THE AMAZING ART ON DISPLAY at the Youth Art Gallery o the campus of the Chapman Cultural Center:

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