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Chapman Cultural Center Awards ’22-’23 Fourth Quarter Community Grants

March 23, 2023 | Features

Chapman Cultural Center is committed to expanding and strengthening Spartanburg’s creative community. Because of this commitment, a major part of the work we do is centered around funding Spartanburg’s arts and cultural community.

One of Chapman Cultural Center's major funding opportunities comes in the form of our quarterly Community Grants Program. Our Community Grants award up to $5,000 per application and is open to both individual artists and non-profits/government agencies. Learn more about the grant application process here.

We’re proud to announce we’ve awarded the following individuals a Community Grant for our Q4 2022-2023 grants cycle!

In addition to our Community Grants, we're thrilled to announce the second round of awards for Chapman Cultural Center's newest grant opportunity, the Materials and Equipment Grant! The Materials and Equipment Grant was created in 2022 to evolve how we serve Spartanburg's creative community by providing artists with a new avenue for funding their artistic projects and initiatives. 

Learn more about our awardees and their projects below.

Alexah Franco

Alexah Franco was awarded a Community Grant for her project, Former Fantasy. The goal of this project is to purchase vintage fabrics to create new and sustainable fanny packs.

Alison Hughey

Alison Hughey was awarded a Community Grant to aid in her project Creative and Curious Cards for Mental Wellness: A Self-Care Deck for Expression and Healing. The mission of this project is to increase engagement in creative practices for mental health among teens and adults. This will be a direct encouragement to individuals who use the “affirmation deck” and also serve as a resource for therapists and mental health counselors to share with clients.

Katherine Rausch

Katherine was awarded a Community Grant to aid in the purchase of studio easels and large tubes of paint to expand her art practice and visual art business.

Merry-Beth Noble

Mary-Beth was awarded a Community Grant to aid in the purchase of a Long Arm Quilting Machine. With the purchase of a Long Arm Machine, Mary-Beth will be able to expand her quilting practice.

Alana Hall (Lady Pluuto)

Lady Pluuto was awarded a Community Grant to fund her artistic project, Heart Forward. The goal of this project is to create and display 9 framed prints of digital paintings for an exhibition in November 2023, which will be held at Artists Collective | Spartanburg.

Materials and Equipment Grant Awardees

The purpose of the Equipment and Materials Grant is to assist local creatives with the tools they need to create their art. Creatives may request up to $750 per year to help them purchase raw materials and basic items they need in order to make and/or properly display/present their art.

Ashley Gilreath, an accomplished metalsmith was awarded funding for a new tumbler for the finishing process of metalsmithing, as well as new bench anvils.

Calvin Byrd (Atom BLK) a local professional photographer was awarded funding to go towards a new camera to help expand his career as a professional photographer.

To continue to fund projects that support the Spartanburg arts community, we ask that you consider supporting local artists and organizations by donating to the Chapman Cultural Center. 

If you would like more information or have questions about community grants, the application process, or other grant opportunities, please contact our Outreach Coordinator, Lucy Southwell, at 

Chapman Cultural Center receives general financial support for cultural projects impacting Spartanburg County, funded in part by the South Carolina Arts Commission, which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts and the John and Susan Bennett Memorial Arts Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina.

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