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Xcelerating the Arts in Spartanburg!

October 10, 2017 | Features

The ArtsXcelerator Challenge is a new, annual funding opportunity for up to $10,000.00 that is awarded for a creative project whose goal is to make Spartanburg a more inclusive, stronger, healthier, prouder, and more culturally vibrant community.

The ArtsXcelerator Grant is unprecedented because it is an Arts grant linked directly to the Spartanburg Community Indicators Project. The Indicators Project's goal is to inspire dialogue and strategy that will lead to changes in the community and ultimately toward improving the quality of life for all Spartanburg Country residents.


Chapman Cultural Center is pleased to announce that Spartanburg artist, Daniel Zongrone, has been awarded the very first $10,000 ArtsXcelerator Grant. Zongrone submitted and was awarded the grant by a panel of 13 Spartanburg County residents with his idea of installing a STEAM Garden on the City of Spartanburg’s Southside, which is currently identified as a “food desert.”


The STEAM Garden will be located on land that belongs to District 7, at the former site of the City of Spartanburg Swim Center. This location will serve as a bridge between the Downtown and Southside areas of Spartanburg, improving the vitality of both neighborhoods by creating connections between individuals, schools, and organizations.


The main structure on the site will be a large gazebo that will collect rainwater via an inverted roof, diverting the water to a reservoir under the structure. It will be surrounded by five to six areas to install different types of vertical gardens. Adopt-a-plots for individuals or groups to maintain will also be available on the site.


Artist Daniel Zongrone sees the STEAM garden as an opportunity to share his unique perspective on the arts, "For me, art is functional through education and inspiration. It should also reach across generations to touch both children and adults. Art is Magic! This project incorporates my three main objectives, 1. Education 2. Art 3. Inspiration”

The project is set to begin construction in the next couple of months with a completion goal of Summer 2018. Learn more about the project on Project Hub’s website and sign up to receive updates.


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