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What it Means to be a Chapman Cultural Center Kid

July 12, 2017 | Features

KalebHeadShot.jpgHi, I’m Kaleb and I grew up with Chapman Cultural Center! From elementary school performances to high school juried shows and even now in college, CCC has been a part of my education. Currently, I’m interning at Chapman Culture Center to expand my knowledge in the Marketing Department. However, this is not my first time here at 200 E Saint John Street. Many of my school art classes had art shows here in the student art galleries. I can still remember how excited I was when I first saw my artwork showing in such a nice space.

During my senior year of high school, I was awarded the Mary Wheeler Davis Scholarship from Chapman Cultural Center, which helped me pursue an education in the arts. I still remember the day CCC’s President and CEO, Jennifer Evins personally called me to congratulate me on the award. In addition, I was also the recipient of the Milliken Art Award for District 1. Chapman Cultural Center’s dedication to helping students pursue their dreams and creativity has personally impacted me.

The involvement of Chapman Cultural Center in the community is why I am back today. As a rising junior at the College of Charleston, I came back to Chapman Cultural Center as an intern for their marketing department. I have been able to see behind the scenes and use my photography skills to help benefit their marketing department, specifically, with the Spartanburg Downtown Cultural District.


Today, I want to support Chapman Cultural Center in continuing their goal of keeping the arts an essential ingredient in the learning experience for students throughout Spartanburg County. Just as they did for me.

It’s been an exciting and a life-long learning experience that’s helped shape me as a student, artist, and future professional!

Are you a CCC kid? We would love to hear your story! Contact us and share your CCC stories.

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