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Statement from the Chapman Cultural Center Executive Committee on the Appointment of an Interim President

May 05, 2021 | Features

After much consideration, the Chapman Cultural Center Executive Committee has decided to appoint Lisa O’Connell-Hall, Chapman Cultural Center’s Vice President of Resource Development, to serve as the Interim President and CEO while a nationwide search for outgoing president Jennifer Evin’s successor is conducted. She will begin her duties as Interim President and CEO beginning June 8th. 

O’Connell-Hall joined the organization in 2016 and has served as the lead fundraiser for Chapman Cultural Center since her hire. Throughout her time, she has successfully managed up to 9 staff members, overseen earned and contributed revenue streams, and managed various aspects of the cultural center operations. “The Executive Committee is pleased to appoint Lisa as the Interim President and CEO of Chapman Cultural Center. Throughout her years of service, she has shown a genuine passion and dedication for the arts and cultural community of Spartanburg County. Because of her vast knowledge of the organization and existing relationship both internally and externally, we determined she would be the perfect candidate throughout this transitional period,” said Brant Bynum, Chapman Cultural Center Board Chairman.
“I am honored to be chosen by our Executive Committee to serve as interim and help with this transition.  We have a very dedicated staff and board and together we will work every day to continue to advance our mission,” said O’Connell-Hall.

Chapman Cultural Center Executive Committee
Brant Bynum, PhD
Laura Montgomery
William Gray
Bill Robinson
Dr. Boone Hopkins
Linda Hannon
David McCutchen
Araceli Hernandez Laroche, PhD
Jennifer Januchowski
Bert Barre

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