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Chapman Cultural Center Relaunches its Downtown Programming

July 31, 2018 | Features

On August 1st, Chapman Cultural Center is relaunching its downtown programming, bringing you the best musicians and artists of Spartanburg.

During the month of August, from Wednesday through Saturday, 66 Spartanburg musicians and artists will take to the streets of the downtown cultural district to showcase their talents in the performing arts and a variety of musical genres.

"This program has become one of the best gigging opportunities in Spartanburg in my opinion. The program has done a great job of including musicians of all skill levels," said Ian O’Donnell, one of the many buskers you’ll see downtown.

“Before I joined this program I hadn't played many street-performing gigs and doing this here in Spartanburg, I think, has helped grow my performing ability just because it's so different.”

Downtown Programming helps create a vibrant cultural experience that increases pedestrian traffic in the downtown area and helps promote local businesses and our economy. 

If you would like to get involved with our Downtown Programming please contact our Special Events Coordinator, Melanie Terry, at 864.278.9678 or 

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