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Electrifying Downtown Spartanburg with Public Art

November 14, 2017 | Features

The Electric Art Project is an ongoing initiative lead by HUB-BUB to convert traffic signal utility boxes into works of public art. Currently, 9 boxes have been completed, 8 in partnership with College Town and 1 in partnership with the Spartanburg County Public Library System.

HUB-BUB Electric Art Project

The College Town boxes were designed by local artists Russell Bannan and Eli Blasko, co-founders of BannanBlasko LLC, while the Library box was designed by Roderice Cardell, who also goes by The Maddd Artist.

Each of the College Town boxes are designed to represent both the identities of students at that local college as a way to engage them in our downtown Cultural District while also staying true to the marketing and branding of each institution in order to communicate to residents and visitors that Spartanburg is home to 7 higher education institutions.

Check out the City of Spartanburg Podcast with Eric Kocher, Creative Placemaking & HUB-BUB Director, at Chapman Cultural Center and  Naomi Sargent, Director of College Town & Quality of Place, at the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce.

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