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Call for Artists - Spartanburg Area Mental Health Center Mural Project

August 31, 2021 | Features

Spartanburg area artists are encouraged to apply for a mural project with the Spartanburg Area Mental Health Center, BIPOC & Latinx Outreach Program, a division of the SC Department of Mental Health.

The purpose of the project is to bring a message of hope to the people in our community struggling with mental health issues. The imagery should convey a sense of belonging, of not being alone, of the power of community, and a reminder that “your story doesn’t end here.” They especially want the mural to appeal to recent immigrants and others who have been historically marginalized.

This art project is being managed by Chapman Cultural Center. Please contact Melissa Earley if you have any questions., 864-279-0608.

Eligibility: All artists over the age of 18 are eligible. Artists living and/or working in Spartanburg County will receive preference. BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), Hispanic and Latina/o, LGBTQI+, and other diverse artists are encouraged to apply and will receive preference. 

Budget: $10,000 for the project, from beginning to end. This needs to include artists’ fees, materials, paint, sealant, wall preparation, as well as costs of renting an electronic lift or any other rentals that may be necessary. Artists may stipulate, due to this budget, that the size or orientation of the mural will need to be within limits that will work within this budget. This mural is being funded in part from a grant, so the budget is set and is inflexible.

Details: The location of the mural has not yet been established. Space will most likely be in a prominent area of downtown Spartanburg. Because specific dimensions are not available at this time, please create your sample drawings with the knowledge that their proportions may need to be altered once the space is secured. 

Read the full description and see the timeline here. 

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