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Mayfair Art Studios Updates

January 15, 2020 | Features

You've been hearing about CCC's transformation of Mayfair Art Studios for a while, and we are so excited to say that the Mayfair Art Studio project is close to completion! Mayfair's purpose is to provide an affordable unique place where amateur and professional creatives can thrive. The mill is more than 115 years old and with renovations finishing up we are almost ready to go! 

Exterior Before:


Exterior Current:



Mayfair Art Studios includes:

  • Ceramics studio available to rent by the hour with slab roller, wheels, clay to purchase, and two kilns
  • 8 music rehearsal studios available to rent by the hour
  • 2 dance and movement studios available to rent by the hour with Bluetooth speakers, a wall of mirrors, storage cubbies, and more
  • 11 private artist working studios for creative professionals available to rent annually


Hallway Before:


Hallway Current: 



At Mayfair Art Studios, we are building a creative community on the Westside of Spartanburg where local artists and makers of any age can have a dedicated space to create their art. This space wil provide access to working studios and co-create studios six days a week - available to rent by the hour. Mayfair will also be home to 11 creative professionals and their working studios to help them take their creative businesses to the next level.

The mint-green tile in some of the rooms is original to the building, and the graffiti art was already on the walls when we started the project. We think it serves as an inspiring and creative backdrop for some great work that will happen at Mayfair!

Corner Artist Studio Before:


Corner Artist Studio Current:



Dance and Movement Studio Before:


Dance and Movement Studio Current:


Music Studio Before:


Music Studio Current:



Ceramics Studio Current:




Want more information? Visit and stay tuned to the CCC social media channels and website for an official open date!

Mayfair Art Studios is dedicated to the thousands of textile associates whose skills kept the Mayfair textile plants operating for over 100 years.

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