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What's New?

Electric Boxes are now wrapped! Learn more here!
The Electric Art Project is an ongoing initiative lead by HUB-BUB to convert traffic signal utility boxes into works of public art. Currently, 9 boxes have been completed, 8 in partnership with College Town and 1 in partnership with the Spartanburg County Public Library System. The College Town boxes were designed by local artists Russell Bannan and Eli Blasko, co-founders of BannanBlasko LLC, while the Library box was designed by Roderice Cardell, who also goes by The Maddd Artist.

Each of the College Town boxes is designed to represent both the identities of students at that local college as a way to engage them in our Spartanburg Downtown Cultural District while also staying true to the marketing and branding of each institution in order to communicate to residents and visitors that Spartanburg is home to 7 higher education institutions.





HUB-BUB's Artists-in-Residence program was founded in 2006 as a way to recruit and retain Spartanburg's creative class. Unlike many other residencies at the time, HUB-BUB's asked each artist to spend 20 hours each week engaging the community with their projects. 

Over the course of the program, HUB-BUB has brought 32 artists to Spartanburg including, visual artists, a filmmaker, and theater artists.

Interested in learning more about the Artists in Residency Program?
Email: Eric Kocher



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In 2004 a group of Spartanburg creatives came together to create HUB-BUB.COM, an online forum focused on the exchange of ideas on topics ranging from local food to politics, from public art to film and music. Through guerrilla marketing throughout Spartanburg, thousands were led to this new platform to engage with their neighbors in brand new ways.

This same pop-up approach guided HUB-BUB’s first events—The Soapbox Series at the Nu-Way, the Hub-atomic Bandstand concert in an empty parking lot, and the HUB-BUB Halloween prom. Ours was a community of artists, innovators, and the off-beat who thirsted for challenging art and creative, fun events. Our mission to “create community through dynamic arts and ideas” allowed our work to transcend the barriers of the traditional arts non-profit to become a home for the edgy, the weird, and the new.

With significant support from the City of Spartanburg and local private donors, HUB-BUB was able to create a physical home for itself in 2006. The old Nash Rambler car dealership on Daniel Morgan Avenue was transformed into the Showroom Gallery and Performance Hall and the upper level renovated to create four apartments in support of an artist-in-residence program that brought young artists from across the nation to live and work in Spartanburg. The Showroom provided a space for HUB BUB’s events, a way to showcase local artists, and a venue for our artists-in-residence to present their work.

HUB-BUB became a division of Chapman Cultural Center in the Summer of 2017 and moved their offices to 200 East Saint John St. HUB-BUB's mission is still the same. HUB BUB loves Spartanburg. HUB-BUB is Spartanburg. And you are HUB-BUB.