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Creativity Mill


Creativity Mill will be a dynamic arts incubator in Arcadia, SC, bringing together a diverse constituency to learn about and make art, discover each other's cultures, and build a vibrant and economically sustainable community in Spartanburg County. 

The 110+ year-old Mayfair Mill, which was shuttered in 2001 after the decline of the regional textile industry, is undergoing an $8 million repurposing and renovation into high-end loft apartments by commercial developer Pace Burt. Burt's plan for this new mixed-use property includes creating a dedicated space for arts-based learning, creativity, and community-building, for which he has designated 15,000 square feet.  Burt has turned to Chapman Cultural Center, to develop the space and manage its programming.

Creating a cultural destination 


Beginning in July 2015, following two years of planning, Chapman began working with a range of community stakeholders to transform the shell and core that Mr. Burt is providing for the project to create the Creativity Mill arts incubator. The incubator will provide a space for artist residencies, arts education, and community-based arts projects, as well as exhibitions, performances, and talks. All spaces will be open to the public and ADA compatible.

By developing arts facilities and program space in this under-resourced neighborhood, TAP and its partners will establish a new cultural destination that creates a unique space for creative exchange and grassroots entrepreneurialism that engages both amateur and professional artists in a holistic experience of creativity within a Mill Village neighborhood setting.

TAP’s estimated capital investment of $321,000 in the Creativity Mill leverages a total investment by the developer of $8 million in the larger portfolio. An estimated $750,000 investment will be dedicated by the developer to the 15,000-sq.-ft. Creativity Mill for demolition/site prep, roof, windows, exterior doors, electrical, plumbing, and fire suppression to the shell and core and landscape and parking for the facility.


The two-story facility will include: 

  • 3,000-sq.-ft. 3D (ceramic, glass, and metal) workshop and studio area
  • 6 individual resident artist studios
  • 4 music practice studios for lessons and rehearsals
  • 2 dance/movement studios


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