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Chapman Cultural Center Awards First Quarter Community Grants

June 27, 2019 | Features

Chapman Cultural Center is committed to broadening and strengthening Spartanburg's Cultural community. Because of this commitment, a major part of the work we do is centered around funding Spartanburg's arts and cultural community. 

One of Chapman Cultural Center's major funding opportunities comes in the form of our quarterly Community Grants Program. The Community Grants Program awards up to $5,000 per application and is open to both individual artists and non-profits/government agencies. Learn more about the grant application process here.

We're proud to announce we've awarded the following artist and Community Organizations a Community Grant for our Q1, 2019-2020, grants cycle! Learn more about their projects and programs below! 


Frederick D. Reeves III

Frederick (Son of Ice), who is the artist behind The Sound of Learning, is no novice to the music scene. He has been rapping and dancing for many years and felt that his talents would be best served in providing positive messages for students. The goal of the Sound of Learning is to provide positive messages, mentoring, character building, addressing social issues, and building self-esteem in students through the platform of music and dance. Songs are written and created that are educational for children of all ages and young adults.

Hub City Farmers Market

To highlight the HCFM's Harvest Park foundation of healthy eating and active living, as well as attract more community members when the programs are not open, HCFM plans to install a painted mural featuring local produce and community achievements. The goal of this mural is create an inviting and positive atmosphere as well as feature the space as a diverse community-gathering place. Often times, feedback on the park has been that it feels private and closed when the programs are not open. Therefore, the mural will help the space to maximize its full potential and add cultural value to the community who uses it now and in the future.

52991444_253656158879147_9119986337179500544_n.jpgMelting Pot Music Society

Melting Pot Music is organizing another music-oriented festival centered on highlighting our community's local performers. This year, they will be organizing the Fusion Fest/Femme Takeover. The primary goal is to celebrate and showcase the phenomenal women that have contributed so much to the arts and cultural district in Spartanburg. Its second major goal is to raise awareness, community support, and financial support to help impoverished families in Spartanburg County gain access to basic, necessary healthcare services.

SCC_Foundation_logo_web.jpgSpartanburg Community College Foundation

The SCC Foundation is using grant funding to launch the 2019 Wonders of Writing (WOW) Symposium Public Reading and Reception aimed to bring visionary authors to Spartanburg in order to share their art with a diverse audience and encourage critical reflection on Southern communities. The event also strives to spotlight Spartanburg Community College (SCC) and its Humanities Department to the Spartanburg community, helping to promote affordable opportunities for humanities education in Spartanburg.

To continue to fund projects that support the Spartanburg arts community, we ask that you consider supporting local artists and organizations by donating to the Chapman Cultural Center. 

If you would like to more information or have questions about community grants, the application process, or other grant opportunities, please contact Grants Administrator Sam Veremchuck at 

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