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Forging for a Good Cause

February 04, 2021 | Features

By Elizabeth Goddard, Executive Director, Spartanburg Art Museum

Counterfeit, currently on view at Spartanburg Art Museum through February 28, features over twenty local artists who forged works in the style and manner of historical giants like Da Vinci and Vermeer to contemporary giants like Kusama and Koons. Artists faithfully render their paintings, prints, and sculptures to the originals or have created works in the spirit of artists they are influenced and inspired by. This exhibition is an incredible showing of the enormous talent living and working in Spartanburg today. We are incredibly grateful for the spirit of generosity in which these artists have approached this exhibition, and their willingness to help us remain open and get through the other side of an incredibly difficult year financially.

Salvador Dali (1904 - 1989)
The Persistence of Memory 1931

Painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Counterfeit by Bailie
Medium: oil on canvas

The museum’s seminal piece from their permanent collection, The Girl with Red Hair by Robert Henri (1905) has been meticulously rendered by Kathleen Digney, Spartanburg Art Museum’s Art School Coordinator. Her thirty-plus years as a professional portrait painter are on full display as her version rivals that of Henri’s and were it not for the wall text, visitors would not be able to espy the original from the counterfeit.

Each Thursday in February at 6pm SAM is offering free Curatorial Tours of Counterfeit. Space is limited and you must rsvp to reserve your spot to ensure proper social distancing. Face masks are required. This is a great opportunity to view the works in a safe space during our newly expanded hours on Thursday evenings.

All of the artwork in Counterfeit is available for purchase. Visit to learn how to begin pre-bidding today. Participating artists receive a percentage of the sale of their works. The full proceeds from Roderice Cardell’s forgery of Basquiat’s Untitled, Skull will be donated to his family.

Gustav Klimt (1862-1918)
The Kiss 1908

Painting at the Osterreichische Gallery in Vienna, Austria.
Counterfeit by Annette Giaco
Medium: acrylic and gold leaf

You can show your love and support of SAM by purchasing a Counterfeit Gala Boxes for $100. Each box is crafted for two and includes bites by The Dray, a choice of red or white wine from Bond Street Wines, and some interactive goodies to engage with as you help solve an art caper during the virtual Counterfeit Event and Live Auction on 2.26 beginning at 7pm.

Participating Artists

Page Davis Baehr
George Brandt
Roderice Cardell
Nancy Corbin
Brandi Dice
Kathleen Digney
Christina Dixon
Trey Finney
Isabel Forbes
Kate Frost
Annette Giaco
Pat Kabore
Aubrey Micah Long
Stephen Long
Sam Mitchell
Rosetta Nesbitt
Joan Penn
Sylvia Spears
Nora von Dorn Ortega
Kathy Wofford Zimmerli

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