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Five Reasons to look forward to Downtown Programming

March 21, 2019 | Features

Look out! Downtown Programming is back for another season. Chapman Cultural Center is excited to announce that the street music series will be returning to the Spartanburg Downtown Cultural District the first week of April!

Since its launch in August 2017, Downtown Programming has provided 440 Entertainment Experiences, and 37 weeks of live music and performances.

A special thank you to One Spartanburg and The City of Spartanburg for their continued support.

Check out the top 5 reasons we are looking forward to the return of Downtown Programming on April, 3rd.


1) Downtown Programming Creates a “Vibe” in Downtown Spartanburg

We already knew that downtown Spartanburg has a lot to offer, between prime caffeine locations, plenty of green space, art galleries, and restaurants that are both diverse and yummy, there is plenty to explore off Main Street. While visiting these locations, Downtown Programming creates a creative “vibe” right on the sidewalks, much like the feel of larger cities, think Atlanta and Asheville. As you walk from one destination to another, you can enjoy the journey, never knowing what type of creative performer you will encounter. 


2) Downtown Programming supports local performers and musicians

Over 50% of the musicians who participate in Downtown Programming are from Spartanburg County. Supporting Spartanburg musicians and performers is one of Downtown Programming’s main goals. Don’t forget to tip buskers if you like what you hear. 


3) It is not just for musicians!

In 2018, Downtown Programming began to include performers. Since their inclusion, the streets of downtown Spartanburg hosted performances like “Sidewalk Karaoke”   and “The Secret Cirkus”. You never know what you will walk into next. 


4) Downtown Programming is unique to Spartanburg

With the support of The Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce and The City of Spartanburg, Chapman Cultural Center is able to foster a unique program for the Downtown Cultural District. Nowhere else in South Carolina are musicians and performers paid to busk at least 8 times a week, and permitted to busk outside of Chapman’s program as well. 


5) It is another reason to love the Downtown Spartanburg Cultural District

The Spartanburg Downtown Cultural District is a thriving portion of downtown, with over 50 cultural assets, including public art, fountains, green spaces and art galleries. Downtown Programming is just one of many reasons to continue to love where you live and support the musicians and performers who are in your community! 

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