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Providing leadership

Board of Trustees


Leading the Board 

Bert D. Barre, Chairperson
Sheila D Henderson, Vice Chairperson
Dr. Boone Hopkins, Secretary
Margaret Young, Treasurer

Executive Committee
Dr. Ashley Allen
Ethan Burroughs
Muffet Chapman
William R. Cobb
Courtney Edwards
Angelina Painter-Eschauzier
William Gray
Linda Hannon
Kelly T. Harvey
David McCutchen
Carlotta Redish, PhD

Dr. Wes Alexander
William Barnet
Lucy Boland
The Honorable Erica Brown
Jay Coffman
Louise Connell
Dick Crenshaw
Dawn Deck

Trey Finney
Dr. J. Sidney Fulmer 
Dr. Ron Garner
Lewis Glenn, Esq
Dr. Araceli Hernández-Laroche
Jason Lynch
Margarette Bell Miller
Laura Montgomery
Jayne Moorman
Dr. Chuck Morrow
The Honorable Rosalyn Henderson-Myers
Tom Nederostek
Bill Robinson
Prema Samhat
Dr. Glenda Sims
Allen Smith
The Honorable Scott Talley
Thomas Tucker
Dr. Chuck White
Winston Wingo



Each year the board is asked to submit nominations for new trustees. A committee reviews the submissions and puts together a list of nominations, which is presented to the full Board of Trustees for final approval. Trustees serve a three-year term with the option to return for an additional three years if asked. Interested in serving?

Fill out the Candidate Interest Form.