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Youth Art Month - 5 Takeaways from Arts Based Education

March 14, 2019 | Features

Youth Art Month is one of the happiest and liveliest months of all at Chapman Cultural Center and this year is no different.

Every March, over 80 schools from all 7 school districts, and 9 private schools display a diverse and vibrant range of art in the halls of CCC. It's definitely a sight to see! This year's YAM reception is March 14, from 4-7pm and hosted by Spartanburg County School District 5. 

Started in 1961 by the Art and Craft Materials Institute in cooperation with the National Art Education Association, the program is administered by the Council for Art Education and focuses on the value of art education for all children and to encourage support for quality school art programs. 

The Arts have a profound impact on children in South Carolina as highlighted by a recent Gallup Student Poll, which surveyed 8,287 South Carolina students at 30 arts-rich (Arts in Basic Curriculum Project or Distinguished Arts Program) schools. Best of all is that Spartanburg is a state leader with a total of 11 ABC schools in the County. 

See 5 key takeaways from the study!


1. South Carolina students in arts-rich schools report higher Hope & Engagement than the national average.

*Hope is defined as the ideas and energy students have for the future.

"We have students who in the past did not like school, grow to love school and explode with ideas and creativity because of arts-integrated lessons.  I have seen students' faces light up and their energy level blossom when they enter an arts classroom." - Matthew Wofford, District 5 Fine Arts Coordinator



2. An arts-rich school can help neutralize the effects of poverty.

"I have seen students become the first in their family to graduate college because of their arts education.  We also have students that are at high-risk of dropping out, but instead, complete high school because of the engagement of the arts classrooms." - Matthew Wofford, District 5 Fine Arts Coordinator



3. The longer a school is arts-rich, the more its students report having career & financial literacy

"Our students learn critical thinking, time management, creativity, confidence, collaboration, communication, and work ethic skills through their participation in the arts. They are the skills that 21st Century employers demand from their employees.  The arts provide avenues to develop these skill better than any other subject in school." - Matthew Wofford, District 5 Fine Arts Coordinator



4. Hopeful student are 4.1x more likely to be engaged at school

"Students who are involved in the arts rarely drop out. There are no discipline problems and [they] perform above average in their classes. Students involved with the arts are also over-represented in the Beat Club and other honor societies." - Matthew Wofford, District 5 Fine Arts Coordinator



5. Students of arts-rich schools report higher confidence in job placement when thinking about their future

"The arts help boost confidence in all students, but especially those that are able to discover their hidden talents and potential through their arts participation. I have seen very shy students and students with low self-esteem blossom into confident performers and even soloists on stage. The arts are able to provide every student with a "win", while also giving them a next level to attain. Once they achieve their win, they strive for the next one, and so on. This is more effective at building a student's confidence than just about any other activity." - Matthew Wofford, District 5 Director of Fine Arts

Learn more about Chapman Cultural Center's educational programs! 

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